1. Rise Above

From the recording Sudhananda

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we are all on this little planet
spinning around in space
we've got to work together
or we'll lose the human race
over population, starvation, pollution
and nuclear madness
the only way to survive this mess
is to raise our consciousness

we can rise above
it's not to late
we can rise above
the greed and hate
we can rise above
illuminate the world with love

take the responsibility
we can't run away and hide
people the choice is up to us
transformation or suicide
rise up from the ignorance
rise up from the mass insanity
we can heal the world with love
and live in harmony


power hungry politicians
playing deadly games of war
they've got bombs to kill us 1,000
times over and still they keep
building more and more
citizens of the planet Earth
hear this message loud and clear
if we can't learn to live as one
then we're all gonna disappear


copyright Sudhananda