New Release

HARMONY - Like John Lennon's song "Imagine" this song is my vision of a better world. I am grateful to my Danish friend, Rishi, for his help bringing "Hamony" to life with his great musicianship and production skills. Check it out on Bandcamp



DEMOS 1999 - 2019


DEMOS 1999 - 2019” is a collection of demo recordings of songs written over the past couple decades that I have never released. At this point I am only making it available on Bandcamp at https://sudhananda.bandcamp.com/releases. I’m putting it out as pay what you want. So, you can get it for as little or as much as you care to give to support the music. What ever you can give is greatly appreciated. 
These are recordings that I made over the years not with the intention of releasing publicly but more as a record for myself to document and remember the songs. So, they are mostly guitar and vocal - simple, naked and unadorned. I feel that some of these songs are among my best. I hope you will enjoy. 

GOLDEN SLUMBERS - Beatles Lullabies featuring - Lucia Lilikoi


GOLEN SLUMERS is available at sudhananda-lucid.bandcamp.com as download and streaming.  It is also available on Amazon, Apple Music, Spotify, etc.This album started out as an instrumental lullaby recording of BEATLES songs intended for a children's music label that never materialized so I shelved the project for years. Then I met Lucia Lilikoi, a wonderful singer from Spain with a gorgeous voice. She is also a big BEATLES fan and so the idea was born to turn the project into a vocal recording. I call it a lullaby album but really it is for listeners of all ages and transcends that label. The instrumentation is acoustic and the mood is soothing, relaxed and slowed down. The album is recorded in 432 Hz tuning which gives it a warmer, more mellow and healing feel than the standard 440 Hz tuning. I hope you will enjoy our unique renditions of these classic songs.  

check out Lucia's music at http://www.lilikoimusic.com