GOLDEN SLUMBERS - Beatles Lullabies
featuring  - Lucia Lilikoi

GOLDEN SLUMBERS - Beatles Lullabies featuring - Lucia Lilikoi

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This album started out as an instrumental lullaby recording of BEATLES songs intended for a children's music label that never materialized so I shelved the project for years. Then I met Lucia Lilikoi, a wonderful singer from Spain with a gorgeous voice. She is also a big BEATLES fan and so the idea was born to turn the project into a vocal recording. I call it a lullaby album but really it is for listeners of all ages and transcends that label. The instrumentation is acoustic and the mood is soothing, relaxed and slowed down. The album is recorded in 432 Hz tuning which gives it a warmer, more mellow and healing feel than the standard 440 Hz tuning. I hope you will enjoy our unique renditions of these classic songs. 

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Garden of Mystic Lovers

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